Facebook Ads for


Business Owners 

Everything you need to manage and scale your ads with success.

Create real ROAs, reduce your cost per purchase, increase your click-through rate, decrease your cpc.... and actually understand what all of this means!

 Understand what your agency is actually doing
for that insane monthly retainer.

Finally take charge of your business...

and your online sales... WITHOUT Falling for
The Same Old Ways



Facebook Ads for E-Commerce Business Owners

What if there was a way to finally understand how to create and manage your ads with success?

✓ Create real ROAs, and reduce your cost per purchase- more sales and more profit.

✓ Understand what your agency is actually doing for that insane monthly retainer!
✓ Finally take charge of your business... and your online sales.

... WITHOUT Falling for The Same Old Ways That Bring NO INCREASE IN SALES or PROFIT?

Hi, I'm Sarah Quinney - Here's what I'd like to share with you...


Creating,  managing, understanding and scaling ads for your e-commerce brand no longer needs to be complicated...


➔ You’ve run ads before but now you NEED a converting strategy specifically for your brand.

➔  You have no idea where what your agency is actually doing with your money and your business

➔ You’re completely overwhelmed, and you need expert advice to scale your store the right way.

➔  You want a customer acquisition and retention strategy that provides consistent growth and profitability.

➔  You want to bring your ads in-house from an agency - but know you need the guidance so you don’t lose sales.


Get Control of your sales and your ad account.

81% of marketers want to learn more about Facebook ads as a PAID social media platform. But many store owners feel far from confident and as a result, produce costly campaigns, or hire an agency at the wrong stage of their business.


Hi I'm Sarah Quinney aka The E-Commerce Business Coach

Sarah Quinney is a Business Coach for E-Commerce Business Owners. Featured as an expert with Meta for success with ads for her own brand Boardsox

A background in E-Commerce for more than 25 years, in both corporate and private - Sarah has earned recognition by the world’s top E-commerce brands. She holds a Bachelor's in Marketing & Retail Management and a Master's in Graphic Design. She has led the leading e-commerce community for the last 7 years.  She has built 3 x 7-figure e-commerce brands of her own and is still co-founder of her own e-commerce brand Boardsox.

Now, she combines her passion for e-commerce to mentor other Business owners to achieve the same goals focused on results, sales and scalability whilst implementing current online marketing and direct response marketing strategies.

Sarah has become the go-to business + e-commerce expert for Business E-Commerce Owners looking to scale and build leading e-commerce brands.

Sarah's and her success with Facebook Ads is currently on
the home page of Meta Australia. 

Partnering and being recognised by Meta for the results created with her own band Boardsox - puts Sarah in a unique position to walk the walk and talk the talk in terms of real results and growth using the meta platform. 

Want to know why most of the training 
[or Agencies you've hired ]

you've probably already tried DIDN'T work?

Facebook ads don't work because:


➔ The agency that you are using is actually using junior talent to run your ads (oops they don't want you to know that).

➔ You have no idea what it takes for an ad to actually create a profitable ROA -  higher than  4x.

➔ You don't even know what a structured funnel is for your facebook ad, let alone how to build one that creates results - sales and profitability.

➔ You have no idea what the metrics mean or how to read them. You're running blindly in the ads manager.

➔ You're running your ad account like it's 2019! Hoping that old strategies will somehow magically work in 2022.

➔ You are over online courses, that teach a cookie-cutter approach for all e-commerce brands.

This is for... 


➔  Business owners that want to learn how to create profitable ads for their online store.

➔  Business owners that want to be able to understand what all the metrics in the platform  mean - and how they drive your marketing efforts.

➔ Business Owners that want to understand what their agency is actually doing in their ad account.

➔ Business Owners that want to sharpen their media buying skills and bring their ad account in house.

Avoid the costly process of trial and error. Finally, get the media training that will put you light-years ahead of most media buyers and in control of your business.

Finally ready to know how to make educated decisions in Facebook that actually create profit.



Understanding and creating Facebook Ads no longer needs to be complicated.

  • Finally, You’ll be able to understand exactly where your sales are coming from and how much money they’re making you. 

  • Data is KING, but so is creative. In 2022 Creative is everything in Meta land. Understanding which creative to use and how to scale it - is what sets brands apart that are surviving in Direct Response Marketing and those that are failing. 

  • The majority of business owners operate from complete throw money at Facebook and see what happens. 

    Or, worse, They invest in agencies that throw reports at you that you have no idea what they mean. They only how your the numbers that make their service look good - while all the while your business still ISN’T A MAKING PROFIT

  • We’re going to remove overwhelm when it comes to understanding the data and building actual Facebook Funnels that work in 2022. 

  • You will feel empowered once and for all - to either manage your agency once and for all or even better build your own e-commerce funnels that actually get you real results!

  • You are simply over spending money on outdated media buying strategies.

What would it be worth to you, to feel like you finally have control of your Facebook Ad Account?

I have helped  e-commerce brands 10x their return on ad spend.


➔ It's a proven successful strategy that consistently creates real ROI Return on Investment for e-commerce brands.

➔ Sarah walks the walk. Runs a successful e-commerce brand using FB ADs, and has been recognised by Meta for this work. Showcased by Meta in Australia and Asia for the strategy used to scale her own brand Boardsox.

➔ We focus on AD copy and Creative for a new buyer in 2022.  

➔ You will have a crystal-clear understanding of how to scale your e-commerce brand using ads using metrics and data to scale.

➔  Live coaching calls with 1:1 guidance giving you the expert understanding and insight for your business - so you can scale your e-commerce brand once and for all using Meta Ads.

By the end of Facebook Ads For E-Commerce Business owners you will..

  • Have control of your Facebook Ad Account once and for all!
  • Create a scalable E-Commerce Funnel using Ads specifically for your brand.
  • Be able to understand the metrics on your accounts dashboard or your agency's reports.
  • Finally create profitable ads for your brand - which means more sales and more customers.

Live 1:1 support in your ad account.

Let's take a look at what's inside

This is a combination of Training and Live AD account Optimisation Calls.

  • Module 1: E-Commerce Ad Foundations.
  • Module 2: Setting Up the Tech Stack in Meta 
  • Module 3:  Creative -  Ads and Copy That Actually Convert in 2022.
  • Module 4: Understanding Facebook Audiences in 2022 That Don’t Die.
  • Module 5: What Metrics to Track and Why - Reduce Wasted ad Spend.
  • Module 6: Advantage + and ABO an explanation.


  • Module7:  Attribution: Learn + Understand Facebook Attribution so you can actually Scale.
  • Module 8:  Facebook Funnels for advertising in 2022.

  • Module 9: Creative Testing. The Secret to Success in Meta Ads.

  • Module 10: Developing your cold TOFU ad strategy.

  • Module 11: Scaling CBO Campaigns. 

  • Module 12: Scaling ABO Campaigns

* PLUS *

I'm going to throw in some BONUSES to ensure you amplify your e-commerce sales funnel even further.

Bonus 1

Get access to my EIE - Educate Inspire and Engage funnel.

Bonus 2

Get Access to my leads ad funnel for building your email list.

The Real Results from E-Commerce Business Owners knowing how to run their acquisition and retention strategy using paid media.




Finally, understand the Facebook ad account and how you drive it for e-commerce. Understand the metrics, set up your reporting, and what metrics determine which lever to pull.



Set your goals, and determine a cost per acquisition, set your ROA KPIs. So that ads are profitable and you can scale with confidence.



Create your Facebook ad strategy specific to your brand - not a scattergun approach. From start to finish (tech tutorials, videos, creative, copy templates, cheatsheets, timelines to scale + more!)



Launch your ad account or pivot/review with confidence + understand what the metrics mean and have complete control on what step to take next.


>> SALES  

Understand how to drive your ad account for long-term success, from multi product brands to single-product brands.



Scaling is the most important element. You will learn how to meet your ROAs and Cost per Acquisition KPIs  - so you can sell more and most importantly solve your customer's problems!


Still Got Questions

No problem - check out the most frequently asked ones below...

Ready to Get a handle of Facebook Ads for your E-Commerce Brand? ... And scale it?


All Training updated to reflect iOS 14 and other changes to the traffic landscape in 2022.


You’ll get a full step-by-step breakdown of all the must-know steps in building an e-commerce funnel on Meta.

Finally,  know exactly what levers to pull in order to create sales, increase your return on ad spend and decrease your cost per purchase.

You’ll learn how to understand the data to make important decisions in your business and in the ads manager.

You’ll also know how to understand metrics and attribution so you don’t have to continue the hamster wheel your agency is throwing at you. 

This is your answer to scaling your e-commerce brand with Facebook ads in a smart, strategic and scalable way.



I'll see you on the inside!


Are you ready to Get a handle of Facebook Ads for your
E-Commerce Brand?


You’ll get a full step-by-step breakdown of all the must-know steps in building an e-commerce funnel on Meta.

Finally,  know exactly what levers to pull in order to create sales, increase your return on ad spend and decrease your cost per purchase.

You’ll learn how to understand the data to make important decisions in your business and in the ads manager.

You’ll also know how to understand metrics and attribution so you don’t have to continue the hamster wheel your agency is throwing at you. 

This is your answer to scaling your e-commerce brand with Facebook ads in a smart, strategic and scalable way.


I'll see you on the inside!

👉 Yes! I'm Ready

Here's what's included in Facebook Ads for
E-Commerce Business Owners 



  • Access to The Facebook AD Accelerator 

  • 3 MONTHS OF  Support in scaling your Facebook Ad Account.



Upon enrollment, you'll have immediate access to all content, including:


  • Module 1 - E-Commerce Ad Foundations  (Value $600)
  • Module 2 - Setting up the Tech stack  (Value $1000)
  • Module 3 - Creative -  Ads and copy for ads that actually convert in 2022   - testing and optimising for longevity at top of funnel audiences (Value $1000)
  • Module 4 Understanding Facebook Audiences in 2022  (Value $700)
  • Module 5 - What Metrics to Track and Why - how to reduce wasted ad spend (Value $1000)
  • Module 6 - Advantage+ and ABO an explanation  (Value $600)
  • Module 7 -  Learn + Understand Facebook Attribution. (Value $1000)
  • Module 8 - Facebook Funnels for advertising in 2022 (Value $700)
  • Module 9 - Creative Testing (Value $1000)
  • Module 10 - Developing your Customer Acquisition Funnel and strategy (Value $1000)
  • Module 11 - Developing and understating your MOFU - Warm Retargeting Strategy (Value $500)
  • Module 12- Scaling  Campaigns CBO and ABO Scaling  (Value $1000) 



Most agencies hire junior talent to run your 6/7-figure brand at a minimum of 2.5k a month. Get the strategy and the results so you can finally run your ads or get your agency actually to do their job.



3 months Ad Support


 100% Risk-Free:



    Our program is committed to your success. If you Facebook ADs for E-Commerce Business Owners, do the assigned work, and don’t see the value, we will happily provide a 100% refund within 14 days of your purchase.